Grapefruit (60:10)

In an effort to be as uncreative as possible (to "cleanse myself of all creativity,") this is a recording of myself repeating the word "Grapefruit" for an hour in the flattest, most boring way possible. A willful submission to boredom in hopes that boring becomes exciting again.

For me, meaning seems to resonate unintentionally. Language feels so inherently charged, and it's as if one word could do much more than you could ever intend it to do.

The word "Grapefruit" was chosen in response to Yoko Ono's book of the same name, which offers an entertaining set of ideas for conceptual art pieces that were probably never actually realized. For example, the instructions for Ono's "Painting To Be Slept On" reads "Hang it after sleeping on it for more than 100 nights." One does not need to listen to "Grapefruit" to understand it, but it has been realized and experienced by myself, in order to further secure the validity of the concept.

This piece is indebted to the conceptual works of Kenneth Goldsmith.

- Michael F. Gill, 11/15/09